Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jyoti Basu is no more

The patriarch of Indian Marxist party is no more. My heart-felt condolences.

I would like to jot it in a different way. He could have been the Prime Minister of India in 1996. But history negated, which he described as "Historic Blunder" committed by Marxist Party. Let me go to some exclusives..........

*Father of Esq. Jyothy Basu was a doctor.
*Jyoti Basu had honours in English.
*His collegiate education was in London.
*He came to power as Chief Minister in 1977, the year of "Emergency"
*He has donated his eyes.
*He has donated his body for research for students.

A wreath of flowers and tears for this "Legend"...from all "PRAVASIS IN DUBAI"

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