Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ilayaraja has proved it

ILAYARAJA- the name itself refers he is a king. A king of music. He proved his calibre to Malayalam in 1984 through "Sagarasangamam" along with the legend Kamala Hasaan. I think his best works in Malayalam is still in "KALAPANI" . These songs are really marvellous. Unfortunately, the gifted artist was dragged into some controversry after allegedly he criticicised ONV. (Ilayaraja has denied the allegation, and commented that he still has great reverence to O.N.V.)

As far as I know, when music directors compose some songs, they don't feel fatigue, they do not mind time even...ILAYARAJA might be correct. He was not aware what is going around these days.

Unfortunately, our maestro M. jayachandran also commented on this controversy. He should have kept his "mum" on this issue.

Any way my hearty congratulations on his achievement."PADMA BHOOSHAN"

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